Saturday, June 6, 2009

im freaking out man! damn it! this is what happen to me always when i stepping closer towards my dream! so i missed my 1st stage due to a business trip which i was forced to go for it..but i enjoyed it man! who doesnt love dat?hahaha..hmm..they said they will email to me to a new date for the test..but i havent get any from them..and now im starting to worry only chance left to change my life! Oh god...Plz help me..i must start pray alot i think nowadays..hah! i kno im very bad..pray when i needed help i just get my ass up to study..well im not scared for the written test..its basically just a SPM papers..which i already did dat like emm..4 years ago?hahaha..but hey..i still can remember all of it quite well..except for the electric and electromagnetism part..hehehe.which i hv no interest at all! mod to recall back all the formula stuffs..i cant recall much for this subject..forget d.well..gambateh kimi! i know i can pull it off this time! tho d fact dat im d ony malay female that was shortlisted n most of the shortlisted are chinese really shakes me up a lil bit...but hey...we all have d same passion for a lil bit of 'persaingan' (arghhh..damn it.i really cant think of d english word for dat rite now) wont hurt n plus it will add up d excitement for all of us..hahaha.hmm..stop here..wana go pray..hahaha.PRAY man! tata!