Saturday, May 9, 2009

reaching for the sky

so i have made it to the top 35..yayyyyyy!!! actually i never thought i would make it..hmm..but there is one thing worries me now..about the height 2 cm shorter from the min height the company requires..oh god..plz let me grow taller a bit..huwaaaaa! anyway..i take this as a small problem..if i can reach the rudder so there wont be any problem..i wont let the height requirement stops me from achieving my only dream!huikkkkkk!!!huh..i just finish my final exam last wik..n it was horrible!im so scared of how will the result come mum sure will KILL me!!!huh..i really need to get this spot from airasia..GOD PLZ HELP ME!!! i want to be an airline pilot so badlyyyyyyyyyyyy..plz gv me the chance to fix every failure i hv went not a failure!but when it comes to something i REALLY HATE TO DO..i realy cannot go on!plz help me..huh..enuf wt al the crapping.wanna go shower n study for upcoming exam.huikkkk! GAMBATEHH!!!


akmalhakim said...

hey, bro..dun worry but ur height..

im juz 162 u noe..

but i passed MAS medical check up..

if it is 1cm or 2cm..they'll juz ignore it..

neway, gud luck!!

akmalhakim said...

opsss!! sory..i thought u r a guy~

sorry miss.

my bad..

Locked Down Soul said...

hahaha..its okayy..ppl always mistaken it..

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