Saturday, June 6, 2009

im freaking out man! damn it! this is what happen to me always when i stepping closer towards my dream! so i missed my 1st stage due to a business trip which i was forced to go for it..but i enjoyed it man! who doesnt love dat?hahaha..hmm..they said they will email to me to a new date for the test..but i havent get any from them..and now im starting to worry only chance left to change my life! Oh god...Plz help me..i must start pray alot i think nowadays..hah! i kno im very bad..pray when i needed help i just get my ass up to study..well im not scared for the written test..its basically just a SPM papers..which i already did dat like emm..4 years ago?hahaha..but hey..i still can remember all of it quite well..except for the electric and electromagnetism part..hehehe.which i hv no interest at all! mod to recall back all the formula stuffs..i cant recall much for this subject..forget d.well..gambateh kimi! i know i can pull it off this time! tho d fact dat im d ony malay female that was shortlisted n most of the shortlisted are chinese really shakes me up a lil bit...but hey...we all have d same passion for a lil bit of 'persaingan' (arghhh..damn it.i really cant think of d english word for dat rite now) wont hurt n plus it will add up d excitement for all of us..hahaha.hmm..stop here..wana go pray..hahaha.PRAY man! tata!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

reaching for the sky

so i have made it to the top 35..yayyyyyy!!! actually i never thought i would make it..hmm..but there is one thing worries me now..about the height 2 cm shorter from the min height the company requires..oh god..plz let me grow taller a bit..huwaaaaa! anyway..i take this as a small problem..if i can reach the rudder so there wont be any problem..i wont let the height requirement stops me from achieving my only dream!huikkkkkk!!!huh..i just finish my final exam last wik..n it was horrible!im so scared of how will the result come mum sure will KILL me!!!huh..i really need to get this spot from airasia..GOD PLZ HELP ME!!! i want to be an airline pilot so badlyyyyyyyyyyyy..plz gv me the chance to fix every failure i hv went not a failure!but when it comes to something i REALLY HATE TO DO..i realy cannot go on!plz help me..huh..enuf wt al the crapping.wanna go shower n study for upcoming exam.huikkkk! GAMBATEHH!!!

wuhuuuu~ i made it!!!

So You Wanna be a Pilot? PICK ME for the 5 spots left!PICK ME SIR!!!!

Note from Blog Team: Nur Hakimi, the corporate blogger is moaning and dying in bed. But todays a beautiful day and why not bring a smile to someone? The blogger said that hes love sick and asked us to spread the joy to the world. This ones for you girl. Congrats number 32! Three more spots to go! Bring it on! Can you feel the heat?

HomaiGOD!!!it is earth shattering!!!now you guys making me more insane!not insane as going siao..but i'm going crazy hearing that there is 5 spots still available!there's still hopes for me!That's why I again editing my post for countless time!at least there’s still a chance for me to take a step closer to my dream. So, let’s start from the beginning. I’m a female material engineering student who is trying her luck to slip herself in the 5 spots left. The chances here is very low. Not even 1% I guess. Hm..Got la 1%.. But I guess why not give it another try. I think I can write better than last time. Em, let’s see why do I deserve to be among the final 5?I also can’t think of the reason right now. But today when I woke up at 7.00am I walked down my block and lie down on the ‘kerusi batu’ ( I don’t know what they call it in English..hahaha) then I asked God, ‘Am I actually gonna be a real airline pilot one day?’ I waited for a signal or some sort of clue for about a minute. While I was lying down looking up the sky, my ears suddenly caught a very powerful sound coming and I open my eyes I saw one of the AirAsia fleet is flying above me. It feels damn good everytime I open my eyes and just look at the plane soaring up there, the great blue sky and everytime I did this I feel like I’m so energetic after that. My point is that, I really believe that I really am going to be a pilot one day but whether is now or soon it’s all up to you guys to give me a chance or not to step closer towards my dream. If I’m among those rich family like some other people, sure I would have be a pilot by now. I won’t steal this opportunity for those who share the same dream as mine. But now, I’m left with no choice but to hope for a shot from you guys to pursue my dream. My family has always been there for me in whatever I did. However this time I can’t blame them for not letting me to enroll myself in any flying academy cuz I know they really can’t afford that much. So here I am doing nothing I like just to pass the time til I graduate and earn some money so that I can pay for the flying academy fees one day and achieve my GOAL of life. Why again you guys should pick me? For a simple reason, I really want to be an airline pilot! I can’t picture myself doing anything else in the future except this! I really love everything has to do with aircraft and piloting. Hm. If you ask me how would you like your ideal date? And my answer would definitely will be this. “ I just want to go to any airport, buy some drinks and snacks park my car or his where I can see the runaway and the aeroplanes fly, just lie down and look up through the sky. Yes, that would be just it. Why an airline pilot? For me, I like the most is the part where I can where the smart white uniform with a black tie and the big pilot’s hat. Yup, that’s it. I think it’s the most coolest and smart uniform! I really want to be in that suit! Imagine myself pulling the pilot’s luggage and wearing the uniform really makes me proud to even just think of it. For me, pilot is actually a lifestyle, and I like all the thing has to do with it. From the aircraft, to the attire, travels, new place, new culture, money ( of cuz I have to mention this!cuz this is my driving force!hahaha), girls? (oh..NO NO NO..for boys of the reason for them wana be a pilot.hahhaa..but for me a BIG NO!) Last time I was very active in school. I was in the marching squad. Top player for my school’s hand ball team. I was the head of the RED team during the sport’s day. Joined few camping trips. I became the head of all the contingents during the National day celebration at my school. And all of these activity I have joined proved that I have a good leadership. As to be an airline pilot I need to have that. Hm. as I mentioned before, I’m still an undergradute student. Everytime me and my friends went to the library to borrow some books for the assignment purpose I always end up taking books non-related to what I’m supposed to do. I always end up borrow books from library only about aircraft and aviation field, cuz that’s the only thing interest me. I really dream to become an airline pilot one day. But I never wanted this dream to remain only as a dream. I really want to make it happen. All my family sure be proud if one day, the last daughther of my family is called a pilot one day…

I don't want to sound desperate, but I really cannot lose this opportunity. As this is the only chance left for me to make a step closer to my dream. I know there are many people who need this and they have their own stories and experience to share. My story is very simple, I dream of becoming an airline pilot but my family can't afford to send me to any flying academy. So here I am editing my post again so that you guys can have a little confidence in me. I saw all the previous posts and they all did great in it. I don't know how to play with words and stuff like they all did. But I know what I write or here comes straight from a heart which only reserve for the passion of becoming a pilot. I am doing degree in material engineering, and what im doing now is not something that I want. I'm doing this only cuz last time i don't have any choice and i ddnt know about this pilot sponsorship stuff. So i just enrolled myself doing this course which i found so unrelated to what i have ever wanted all this while. I pushed myself very hard to the limit so that i won't let down my parents. But now, I'm at my wits end..I cannot take it anymore. I really cannot do this anymore. I'm a person which only do things if I have a passion in it. I will excell in everything which i have passion in it. But right now im seriously in a deep shit. I know i cant go further. I know. My passion of becoming pilot is growing stronger and stronger each day. I don't mind losing all my 2 years of learning just to get myself in the right path which i was aiming since the day i know this is what i wanna do in my future life. Some people will say what im doing is a waste. But they don't know if this continue, i will waste more of my time doing nothing but failing. Pilot is not my childhood dream like most of the pilots now or pilot wannabe. I just discovered this dream when I was back in Matriculation. Well, maybe this sounds a bit childish but I'm not ashamed to admit that my dream as a pilot started after I watched this Japanese drama called 'Good Luck'. Well, maybe some people might think that I'm not serious about my dream. But, those around me, my family and my best friend knows how much I'm serious about it. I don't mind what others might think of my reason to be a pilot. All I know, that is my dream and I want to live it. Though it sounds a bit silly, but it is my dream. I can't deny that. Since that day, all what I aimed before this has changed. I admired this job so much till today. I started to do research about aircraft and things that are related to it. My main focus is Air Asia. I study a lot about Air Asia's role in aviation industry. But still, I have so many things to learn. I joined this 'Flydamnit Forum' as a way to get close and gain more knowledge about piloting. Back to the main point, 'So You Wanna be a Pilot'?, I only have a reason why I want to be a pilot. First, it's my dream. I seriously think that this job is awesome and is the coolest of all! Get to wear a very smart uniform and I feel so proud if I'm wearing that suit. I don't know why I felt so, but I really love everything about this job. Passion of flying, traveling around the world, the money (I must admit that, because that's my driving force when I'm doing something.), and the life as a pilot itself are the main reasons I wanted to live up my dreams. I know being a pilot especially an airline pilot we need to carry a huge responsibility of hundreds and thousands of lives. However, I don't see this is something that will give me pressure. I'm willing to handle all the responsibility with all my care and try my best to give all the passengers a great experience when flying with me and all the other cabin crews. I don't know how others tell about their passion of flying and this job. But for me, I don't need to have any explanation for what I love and what I want. However, if I'm still need to give some, I'll save it for my interview session. I don't need so many reason to tell me what I want to be in the future. I'm a person who will follow her dreams regardless whatever it takes to achieve it. Once I have set up my mind that I want to be a pilot ( Air Asia pilot to be more specific) then there's nothing that can stop me from achieving it. Every time, I heard the sound of a plane in the sky, I will find it and watched it till it disappear from my sight. I always wish that someday, I will be up there soaring through the sky with a different view from up there. My passion of becoming a pilot can't be explain more. Why I deserve to be in 1 of the 10 spots? The only concrete reason I have is because I really love it! I'm a very responsible and committed young lady which is so passionate of her only one dream. For that only reason, I'm confident enough that I can handle what it takes to fulfill my dream as an airline pilot. My dream is to be among the Air Asia's pilots and become the best pilot of all! Becoming a pilot only is not enough for me. I want to be the best pilot! That's my dream!
I'm willing to take up any challenge ahead. Just give me the chance and I'll prove it. Please PICK ME SIR!!!!

~i love sky~

my first aircraft model

flight from kb to lcct

flight from lcct to kb

view up above the sky which i snapped during flight

another aircraft model collection of mine

since my laptop is having problem uploading picture..this is the only picture i managed to upload..and i'm having exam in 1 hr more..but still i want to try make you guys pick me for this opportunity..really hoping for it..=(